Invisible Hearing Aid

invisible hearing aid
invisible hearing aid 

Invisible Hearing Aid:

Invisible hearing aids, as the name suggests, are not able to be seen to the eye. They are veiled deep in the ear canal and, like most hearing aids; there are an amount of styles or variations to invisible hearing aids. They have a range of names such as ‘invisible-in-the-Canal’ (IIC), contact lenses for the ear, complete wear hearing aids. 

These are tradition made hearing devices, which generally means an idea of your ear is required to fit them. They sit profound down your ear canal so the process to take the idea can sometimes be a little painful, but our Hearing Healthcare expert will take you during the process so you know what to expect.

How do invisible hearing aids effort?


Invisible hearing aids sit profound within the ear canal, so the equipment that makes them work is very small. Each company will use their own particular technology but some general factors include:

  • Tiny battery (size 10), that requires altering every 4 – 7 days
  • Removal grip – thin fishing cable to allow for easy removal
  • Wireless machinery


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